Friday, June 17, 2011

Takuto Cosplay

According to most if not every female character in the Star Driver , Takuto Tsunashi is very good looking, mostly referring to him as a "pretty boy". Takuto Tsunashi has spiky, short red hair, red eyes and a slender body. Takuto Tsunashi usually wears his school uniform with his shirt hanging out of his pants. When not wearing his school uniform Takuto Tsunashi wears a slim fit, red, long sleeve shirt which exposes part of his stomach and also has a white star on it, white pants and white and red sneakers. When in his Galactic Pretty Boy form his appearance differs; he gains an area of gold hair in the front of his head and his outfit changes to that of what appears to be a captain like uniform which sports red, white and gold colors. Takuto Tsunashi is also shown to have an "X" shaped scar on his chest also known as the Tau mark which eminates a bright blue light when summoning Tauburn.

My brother likes Takuto Tsunashi very much . He sometimes does Takuto Cosplay,it's so interesting.

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